The Kann Records

A History of the Kann Family in York County, Pennsylvania

In 1733, a ship registered in London under the name "SAMUEL" at the command of Hugh Percy prepared to leave from Holland for the New World. It was commissioned by the Palatines to transport German Reformed Church People to America. Niclaus Kan, his wife Cathrina, and four children - Gorg Michal age 12, Hendrick age 8, Johannes age 3, and Dorothea age 1/2 - prepared to start a new life in America. They prepared for a more difficult voyage then most of us could imagine. Nicholas and his family arrived at the Port of Philadelphia, then settled in Hellam Township in Pennsylvania on a plantation granted by Thomas Penn between 1733 and 1736. The Kann Family was firmly implanted in York County and the long line of Kanns in America had begun.

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